Eleiss Corporate Web Platform


Explore the Power of the Corporate Web Platform


A comprehensive user guide for the subscribers of the Eleiss Corporate Web Platform

More than just a website

Eleiss Corporate Web Platform is a cloud based SaaS application with a fully integrated content management system that enables you to manage your website’s data easily.


  • Streamline your business presence

  • Centralize content for repeat use

  • Get found in the search results

  • Get new customers, dealers, and franchisee

  • Get qualified inquiries

  • Track ROI using reporting tools

  • Easy to use for email marketing, SMS marketing, targeted ads on social media

Be More Productive With The Same Resources

You can achieve higher productivity and speedier growth from the same human resources with the correct use of technology!

Leading companies use their website for marketing, lead generation, conversion, support, and many more purposes.

The User Guide

This guide provides the resources to help you start working with Eleiss Corporate Web Platform and understanding its features to help you benefit the most from it. We have used screen-shots in the user guide to illustrate many of the features.