Integrate Twitter Feeds

Display your Twitter account posts on website. Displaying social media content on your digital services will inspire your audience to share those posts with friends and that will increase your visibility and reach in social media channels. Also, the content will drive traffic to your social media accounts and inspire visitors to like and comment some of your posts.

System benefits:

  • User can display multiple accounts’ posts on website

  • Visitors can view all the posts of that account

Available for below plans,




Can be managed by below users,

Administrator User

Moderator User

Editor User


Get more details about which users can perform which types of operations, know more.


Add Twitter feeds

  1. Go to page on which you want to add Twitter galley (Page should have type ‘Default’)

  1. Select ‘Twitter feeds’ from the options

  1. Add Twitter account user name

  2. Publish the page