Visitors Reports

Steps to enable Google tracking.

After enabling Google tracking, one can view reports in the system. Available reports are as below,

Common reports,

  • Visitors By Time

  • Visitors By Country

  • Visitors By Device

  • Visitors By Page Categories

  • Top Pages

  • Top Conversion Forms

  • Top Referrers

Page wise reports,

  • Average Visitor Time On Page

  • Bounce Rate

  • Visitors By Time

  • Page View By Time

  • Top Referrers

All above reports’ overview is visible on Dashboard and detailed information is available in Reports section.

Available for below plans,




Can be managed by below users,

Administrator User

Moderator User

Editor User


  • Reports are visible to each and every users.

  • Get more details about which users can perform which types of operations, know more.


Enable visitors reports

  1. Go to ‘Settings > 3rd Party Integration > Google’ using Menu

  1. Click on ‘Analytics Settings’ Tab

  1. In ‘GA Key File’, Choose GA Key document

  2. In ‘View ID’, Enter ‘ga:’ and the Copy & Paste your ‘VIEW ID’

  3. Click on ‘Save’


Steps to generate VIEW ID, GA KEY click.

View reports

To get an overview of the website analytics, visit your dashboard.


For detailed reports, go to ‘Reports’ from Menu

In ‘Visit Analysis’ section, you will get below reports;

  • Visitors By Time

  • Visits By Page Categories

  • Visitors By Device

  • Visitors By Country

In ‘Page Performance’ section, you will get page specific reports which are as follows,

  • Avg. Visitor Time on Page-detail

  • Bounce Rate

  • Visitors By Time

  • Page Views By Time

  • Top Referrers

In ‘Inbound Inquiries’ section, you will get form wise submissions details.


In ‘Referrers’ section, you will get the details from which sources visitors are comming to your website.



  1. Create Google Analytics account first. ‘Learn More’

  2. Copy View ID from ‘Settings > View Settings > Basic Settings’ and save it somewhere for further use

  1. To create GA KEY, ‘Visit link’

  2. Click on ‘CREATE’ to create project

  1. Click on ‘CREATE’

  1. Click on ‘Create Service Account’

  1. Enter Account name and according to that ‘Service account Id’ will be generated

  2. Click on ‘Create’

  1. Click on ‘Continue’

  1. Click on ‘Create key’

  1. Select JSON option and Click on ‘Create’

  2. Save that file your on computer. (Rename file as ga_key.json)