7. Manage Pages

To manage pages you need to know below things,

  • How to add pages and child pages

  • Number of different operations to manage pages

How to add pages and child pages?

Go to ‘Pages’ from Menu.


Click on ‘Add Page’ to add pages on website. To add child page of any existing page click on ‘Add Child’ on right corner of the listing. If its already having the child page then it will have ‘Explore’ button. Click on that then click on ‘Add Page’.

Different operations for managing the pages

All the below operations can be accessible from ‘Action’ column by clicking on dropdown menu of a page from listing view.





To make below changes to the existing page

  • Content

  • SEO

  • Visibility in Navigation Menu

  • Publishing schedule


To permanently remove a page from the website and the admin panel


Duplicates a page to facilitate creating similar pages swiftly


To shift a page under another parent


To publish a specific version of a page from the history


To publish a page on the live website


To remove a page from the live website without deleting it from the admin panel

Save Draft

To save the unfinished changes in a page as a draft without making them visible on the live website (The draft version can be viewed in the preview mode from the admin panel)


To secure the page by restricting users to visit page,

  • Public – Visible to visitors(Default)

  • Private, accessible to logged-in users – Page is private, accessible to users who has logged in into the web platform

  • Private, accessible with the following password – Page is accessible with password. User who has logged in to system also have to enter the password to access that page

  • Private, accessible to users in specific groups – The groups which has the permission can view this page


To lock the page for further changes. After locking the page other users can’t edit that page


Get more details about which users can perform which types of operations, know more.




The page is visible to the website visitors


The page is not visible on the website


  • The draft version of a page can be viewed in the preview mode from the admin panel

  • A new page can be directly saved as a Draft

  • A published page needs to be unpublished to convert it to a Draft

Live + Draft

One version of the page is visible on the website, but a newer version of the page is in the draft mode

All is set, now start creating the website. This step can be categorized into six steps:

  1. Add inquiry forms

  2. Choose template

  3. Add right pages

  4. Do your SEO

  5. Publish - and get back to it

  6. Manage website menu